Eyelid health and care.


One of the most delicate and vulnerable areas on the face of a person is the skin under the eyelids. Often a person struggles with oily skin, but even with such a problem, it is the areas of the skin under the eyelids that are not exposed to fat deposition. The skin under the eyelids is a very vulnerable part of the face, on which there is practically no layer of fatty tissue, there are some elastin and collagen fibers (skin tone) and this is the place that initially loses elasticity. Wrinkles appear there most quickly.
During the day, a person constantly blinks, winks, squints his eyes, smiles - all this does not affect the skin of the eyelids without a trace. Fiber, which is located under the skin of the eyelids, has a loose area and for this reason, fluids may linger, and then swelling appears under the eyes.
It should be understood that it is necessary to start caring for this tender and vulnerable area under the eyelids not when the problems are clearly visible, but somewhere from 20-25 years old. You need to know that cleansing is necessary for the skin under the eyelids, so you should thoroughly wash yourself. For example, if cosmetics are used very little or do not use at all, then you can just wash with warm water. Cosmetics should be washed off with special tools.
1) To moisturize the eyelids, you should use special tools. Use the cream with extreme caution when applied to the eyelids. Movements should be involuntary, but accurate and strict in the direction. For example, if you take the upper eyelid, then you need to apply the cream from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. With the lower eyelid, the opposite is true.
2) Do not crush and do not smear the product for the skin under the eyes, but gently drop a drop of moisturizer on the tip of your finger and gently apply the cream with tapping movements. All face masks are forbidden to be applied to the skin under the eyelids. Try to leave this area untouched.
3) If the shades under the eyes are worried, then you should not go face down to try to sleep on a low pillow. Make non-warm compresses from a decoction of herbs or tea. They help to give the face freshness, a healthy shade, as well as relieve eye fatigue and help the skin under the eyelids. A light gel is better for bedtime than an oily cream.
4) To reduce the risk of facial wrinkles - you need to squint less. For example, in sunny weather, try to wear glasses from the sun, as well as wear ordinary glasses for vision problems, so as not to strain your eyes. Japaneese anime Highschool Of The Dead Season 2 — What do we know? Release Date, Plot And Cast by WeLikeViral.com.

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