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How to make a bath in the house

There are many things in our life that you can enjoy. But take a steam bath in the bathhouse is one of the most enjoyable! The idea is widespread among people that the bathhouse must be located separately from the cottage or at home.

And you did not think that it can be installed directly in the room! If you are interested, then I will tell you how to make a bath in the house. To do this, you must adhere to the sequence of construction of the bath.

First you must determine the location of this design. If you planned the construction of the bath in advance, then you must have allocated a separate small room for it, a warehouse or a certain small area.

The second in this area should be flat walls. The walls for the bath are made of seven layers. The first second and third layers are made up of vapor barrier, an air gap of 5 cm over the entire surface connected to the ventilation and from the crate, which is intended for insulation.

The remaining three layers are insulation on the walls of 5 cm, on the ceiling - 10 cm, aluminum or paper foil, lining for lining. And finally, the seventh layer is an aspen or oak lining.

The third important thing is the floor of the bath. An extruded polystyrene foam 2 cm thick is superimposed on the surface of the concrete floor itself. Then, tiles lay on top of the reinforcing mesh.

The bathhouse is ready! Have a good steam room! Walls and floors are also varnished for aesthetics.

 Review of the film - Fear your desires (2017)

The main character of the film is a young girl, Claire, who is still in school. Her father makes money by rummaging through the trash, looking for all kinds of junk there and then selling it. The girl was ashamed of her father for a long time. Until he once found some strange little thing in the garbage. He gave her daughter. And she began to simply consider the thing, and then realized that she would allow her to make wishes that would certainly be fulfilled. Gradually, the game leads the girl into a terrible world of impunity and mysticism, from where it is not so easy to break out.

Youth horror, which I really liked. Most importantly, there is a very important point in the film. In fact, you really should be afraid of your desires, because they have the property to come true. It seems that the girl was not doing anything wrong, she wanted to punish her offenders and just become happy. But the end is really deplorable. The film is worth watching for those who like to dream not of good, but of revenge and that can harm other people. A whole bunch of other people, as shy as you, also use sex video chat, and at any moment ready to get in touch with you to communicate. Thousands of girls are looking for guys to fulfill their intimate fantasies sex chat like an anonymous community that has managed to gather in itself, and unite people who think in the same plane, and want the same thing. Namely, use free sex video chat to find a partner, and meet mutual fantasies with him.

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