The Division - Side Mission # 16


Dumping: Medical Resources at Turtle Bay

To start this additional quest, go to the point on the map in the Turtle Bay area. Your goal is to take turns defending the four supply points that will be attacked by enemies.

The first one is located on the roof of a neighboring building, where you can get using a rope. The remaining points on the ground, therefore protecting the first point, walk along the street and follow the next indicated by markers. You should be especially careful with the turret installation engineers - try to eliminate them as quickly as possible by shelling their heads and backpacks.

The Lost Man: Bernard Gamble, Part 1-4

To start this additional quest, go to the point on the map in the Turtle Bay area. As usual, your goal will be to find several ECHO devices, thanks to which you can recreate the past of the wanted person.

To get to the first point, go to the marker. It turns out that ECHO is on the roof of the building, where you can climb from the alley on the stairs. Climb onto the indicated roof, interact with ECHO and look at the scene. At this point, the second part of the mission will begin, and the next point will appear in the south. Enter building number 86 and check the ECHO lying on the ground by the elevator.

Then go to the nearest alley where you will find another echo. This time the scene is a little more extensive - in addition to military shooting at the entrance, go to the top of the building, where at the end of the corridor you will find a memory associated with Bernard protruding from the window. Go down and go to the indicated building. Destroy several criminals and find the door behind which you will find Bernard.

Order: Sergeant Moseley

To start this optional quest, go to the map point in the Midtown East District. Your goal is to get rid of the sergeant, of course, only after the elimination of his two deputies.

Opponents are hidden in a heavily fortified camp. Go through the gate and start the battle, concentrating first on ordinary opponents, and only then on the first deputy. This is a heavy-duty opponent that you can kill from the flank. You can do the same with the second deputy, which you will find behind the nearest gate in the back of the camp.

At the end you will meet Mosley. Deal with smaller rivals. Turret tactics will work well. You can install it to distract the enemy and fight him from the flank.

Salvation No. 2: Civilians from Midtown East

To start this side mission, go to Midtown East District. Your goal is to get to the subway and save the civilians held by bandits. When you reach the indicated point, clear the area in front of the metro. It is best to shoot enemies from above, but beware of snipers.

After cleansing the territory, it turns out that the entrance to the station is closed. Then go to the nearest intersection. After a while, you will enter an open hatch. Use the stairs to go down, then continue to the metro station. Clean it from your rivals, go to the end of the platform and click on the key on the left to unlock the grille at the stairs. Go upstairs and open the door on the left, thanks to which you will complete the mission.

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