The importance of financial support for refugees


When you seek refugee status, you must tell the immigration office how much money or other sources of income you have. If you do not have your own sources of income, you will receive daily compensation to cover daily expenses.

It is important that you can support yourself. If you do not earn money and do not have other sources of income, you can receive financial support from the migration office. Financial assistance consists of several parts: compensation for daily expenses, compensation for accommodation (for example, a room, an apartment, etc.) and a special allowance.
Financial director of FinCor explains exactly why this topic is so important.

If your financial situation changes, for example, during employment, you must inform the immigration office. It is a criminal offense to hide the fact that you are making money while receiving compensation for your daily expenses. Your eligibility for the daily allowance may also be affected by your relocation. Therefore, always inform the Migration Service if you have a new address.

Expiration of eligibility for compensation of daily expenses
You lose the right to receive financial support if you receive a decision to deny your request or deportation, and that decision takes effect or after the end of the period of voluntary deportation. This applies to you if you are an adult and do not live with people under 18 for whom you are responsible.
Daily compensation of costs
Compensation for daily expenses varies in size depending on whether you live in one of the migration office apartments with the power turned on or in an apartment without the power turned on.
If the migration office guarantees compensation for your daily expenses, you will receive a bank card linked to your account, which receives money.
Characteristics of refugee support in Argentina
The Argentine government offers refugees the most dignified living conditions in all of South America, reports the Associated Press.
The Argentine province of San Luis pays immigrants from Syria, provides them with housing, work, medical services, psychological assistance and Spanish lessons, so that refugees can start a new life.
Many civilians suffer constant bombing, lack of water and electricity, so they often seek to leave Syria and seek refuge in a better place.
The Argentine refugee assistance program is funded by the government, but also receives private donations. He began working in December 2016, after the governor of the province of San Luis Alberto Rodríguez Saha attended the international summit of the Vatican on the problems of Syrian refugees.
The Argentine government received 227 Syrian citizens last year. Recall that the civil war in Syria lasts more than six years, as a result of the fighting that killed more than 400,000 people, millions were refugees.
Currently, there is a ceasefire throughout the country, which was made possible by the agreements of Russia, Iran and Turkey...

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