The right nursing CV


How to write a CV for a nursing job?

Let's find out how to write a good CV for a nursing job and what the requirements are for applicants. And also find out what influences the decision to employ your candidate in a good clinic or medical centre.

A nurse is a mid-level specialist with at least a basic degree in nursing. She is obliged to follow instructions given by her supervisor in full and report any unpredictable complications or rapid deterioration of the patient's condition to the doctor or, in his absence, to the ward manager on duty. Resume Example for Nurse

Routine duties include:

  • Assessing the patient's initial condition.
  • Performing timely treatment procedures as prescribed by
  • the attending physician.
  • Rendering first aid or assistance.
  • Keeping of card index, hospital records, storage and administering of administered treatments.

Requirements for employment:

  • Medical education, i.e. compulsory schooling.
  • Knowledge of names and prescriptions of medicines.
  • Methods (rules) of disinfection of premises.
  • Experience in performing intravenous injections (vaccinations).
  • Basic knowledge of medical ethics and educational psychology.
  • The position requires a general education background in chemistry, biology, anatomy and botany.

Personal qualities

Qualities will fit many areas, but try not to write formulaic:

  • A highly developed degree of empathy, empathy and
  • understanding of the patient;
  • good attention (observation);
  • responsibility;
  • concentration;
  • ability to concentrate completely;
  • stress tolerance (restraint);
  • good motor skills and manual dexterity;
  • and also commonplace humanity, without which you can't do anything.

Key professional skills

But there are no universal skills that will fit all branches of nursing. Start with the requirements of the job opening, focus on experience, responsibilities and accomplishments.

Nurse without experience

Making a CV with no experience is possible, but you need to have a strong theoretical knowledge and recall real achievements, internships or placements.
Experience, on the other hand, is easy to gain! The workplace is not only health clinics but also other institutions.

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