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We all know that at the very beginning of the review, the author must belch out some profound banality of the truth about the gaming industry. Although there is nothing to trifle with - it is possible to address humanity as a whole. Without deviating from the party line, we say: the main thing for developers is to find their niche in the interactive entertainment market. Play online games at the best friv 2 games website.

For example, the humble laborers from City Interactive did not immediately reach their destination. In time immemorial, they released godless strategies and only in 2008 embarked on the true path, but not completely and not with all their heart (well, they also have the waste recycling conveyor stamping fighters on the FEAR engine configured and puffed for all - Ed. .) For the adventure of Art of Murder: FBI Confidential was still not good enough.

The very next opus from the newfound series, Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer , turned out to be much more interesting. And so, intelligence reported that the developers continue to improve in quest building: they recently released another Art of Murder. Subtitled Cards of Destiny.

For a detective story, dashing twists are always very important. Or twists. Not the point, the main thing is that the result is sharp, interesting and a little scary. Cards of Destiny is a pleasant surprise in this regard. Indeed, both previous parts of the series significantly lost to successful adventure projects, primarily in terms of the dynamic deployment of the script. Agree, the endless running around the office in search of a button to turn on the printer is not enough for an amateur detective.

But this time there was no lengthy buildup. The plot of the plot of our heroine delivered directly to the house - the package. The sender, as usual, is unknown, but inside there is an old light bulb, a rusty nail and a newspaper with an unambiguous message. The phrase "serial killer" and the name Nicole Bonnet are circled in red pencil. And what a coincidence: the recipient of the detective's name is just Nicole Bonnet. The girl has to take the investigation into her own hands. Despite a well-deserved vacation.

Then the fun begins. Having opened the parcel, Nicole immediately proceeds to search and, at the same time, jumps through the locations so briskly that it is somehow unusual. No, unfortunately, we cannot independently decide which area should be headed right now. However, within the same “locality”, evidence can be collected in any convenient sequence.

True, there is a reservation. Yes, the order in which items are collected does not really matter. But the sequence of their application is very important. Often we cannot use a certain thing just because we accidentally turned out to be smarter than our heroine. In the sense, it is clear to us that the crowbar found can serve as a lever, but to her - not yet. In order for Nicole to comprehend this, you must first examine the crowbar from all sides, remove the glued ticket from it (which neither we nor the detective, of course, suspected), and only then the idea would come up with a brilliant girl: “And the truth is, why would I not try to open the door with this thing? ”And it’s good if actions with objects are partially connected. Sometimes we have to find out that elderberry, it turns out, would come in handy in the garden only after a visit to the city uncle.

If the beauty at least occasionally hinted that, they say, the subject is still not quite ready for use, it would be easier. But Nicole does not even think of helping us: her excuses when trying to use something are not the same and not the same in any situation. Due to the slowness of the heroine, even a thoughtful and attentive player risks being stuck somewhere in the middle of the passage.

By the way, about the passage. The main scourge of most detective adventure games - boring - spared Cards of Destiny . Which in itself is surprising, because City Interactive turned out to be just the same as a classic detective in all its manifestations. Endless interrogations of witnesses, collection and analysis of evidence, blindfolds with the hundred and first maniac - all this is here, which for the series, to put it mildly, is not new. However, it is in CoDwe see, feel and try the tooth more or less balanced gameplay. A long dialogue follows a purely “adventure” episode, when we wander around an abandoned movie theater or an amusement park, plunging headlong into a gloomy atmosphere almost in the spirit of horror. Having gathered evidence "on the ground", you can drive them to the laboratory too - to scan what was found, to chat with colleagues about the latest trends in manic fashion. And then someone else will report new details on the case, and here we are again on the road, looking for fresh traces of the killer. The main thing is that all types of intelligence activities succeed each other in the right rhythm, so that we do not have time to get bored.

To external CoD datadon't complain too. The animation of movements is especially good. Not that the local interiors-landscapes surprised with something unbelievable, but there is nothing to blame the developers for: quite decent realistic graphics. The music is wonderful. In the end, we owe these tense and ominous temochki and motivators, if not half, then at least a third of the whole atmosphere.

It seems that Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny is the very last step in the category of “good games” that City Interactive lacked so much. Yes, I would like the dialogues to be a little brighter. Yes, I would not have prevented a lot of freedom of action in the laboratory following the example of CSI by Telltale . But this is - if you find fault. And we will not quibble. It is enough for us that each next Art of Murder is significantly better than the previous one.

Pros: dynamic plot; decent graphics; full atmosphere Creative music nice rhythm.
Cons: some inconsistency of gameplay; long dialogs.

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