Tips for completing the game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Mission 7 - Transit Yards # 003


Grenades and mines are a good way to bring down all enemies in one hit.

No matter what you do, you must end up with three terrorists. I definitely recommend that you try to kill them all at once, for example with a shocker, gas grenade or gas crossbow. If you don’t have anything else, you can also use a more aggressive gadget, such as a Flashbang grenade or tear gas grenade.

Second group of terrorists

Keep going forward. In the third car in a row, the situation is identical to that described above. And so, you will be next to a group of terrorists. Also here I recommend that you put your enemies to sleep or disable them in any other way and do so from shelter as much as possible. After you fix the zone, continue on your way. In the end, you need to get to the wrecked car and go through the window to the right to get out of the high-speed train.

Last window

According to Grimm’s warning, you need to hurry, and you cannot stay outside the train for too long. Move to the right and ignore the terrorists you pass by. Soon, your character will stop at the last window, and this is what you need to break through. After a successful action, quickly hide behind the nearest shelter. Now you need to deal with the terrorists that you just passed, who are on the left, and I recommend using one of the above methods of operation (grenades, mines, crossbow, etc.)

Go to the car with a group of terrorists and hide under cover as soon as possible. Please note that the enemies took two hostages, and it would be good for these two to remain alive. As in the case of previous battles of this kind, the best solution for incapacitating all terrorists (and hostages) is sleeping charges, either shot from a grenade or from a crossbow. If you do not have any of them, you can also try to shock them (for example, with a mine), but these actions carry the risk of hostages being lost. This mission will end with the destruction of the last terrorist group.

Follow all the standard steps in the mobile command center, that is, talk with allies and make purchases. After you figure out all your business here, talk to SMI and choose an optional or main mission - a pre-trial detention center.

Additional Panther / Attack Style Tips: If you are planning to look for an aggressive solution in successive train cars, you should take all precautions so as not to injure a civilian. As a result, I recommend not using grenades and relying more on firearms.

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