Tips for completing the game Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. Chapter 6: Baptism of Fire # 003


Tips for completing the game Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. Chapter 6: Baptism of Fire

In the vicinity there are at least two groups of German soldiers. You should also beware of a machine gun post. Try to kill some German soldiers. When they leave, order your people to stay near the exit (9 on the map), but do not leave the basement area for now.

You probably noticed that enemies attacked you while exploring the basement. You can ignore this fact, however, if you plan to find all bonus zones, you will have to return to it in order to neutralize it. You must do this before leaving the cellar, because you will not be allowed to return here later. Use one of the walls for cover and aim at the gunner’s head. You should notice the second kilor on the right. Complete the picture and reunite with your squad. You can finally leave this area.

Once again, you will start near the exit of the basement. Send your teams east and order them to start firing at nearby targets. There are several MG sockets in the distance, but you can ignore them for now. You must separate from your units. Go to the south building.

Be careful because enemy soldiers are hiding inside this building. You can deal with them right now by hiding behind a wall and using grenades. You can also go to the south room to surprise them from the flank. In any case, you must secure the building and go north. Climb behind cover and start shooting at enemy troops. Do not let them back down if possible.

You can finally allow your teams to suppress enemy machine-gun posts. Be prepared for a dangerous maneuver. Start running to the small entrance of the north building. Do not stay outdoors for too long. There are several enemy units inside and they must be killed. You will also find a cache of ammo.

You must quickly find good shelter, because more enemy units will arrive from the east. The easiest way to get rid of them is to use grenades, especially since you can easily rearm when they disappear. Go to this place and turn south.

Before you is a small brick wall, and you must quickly get to it. Start by fastening on the ground floor of a neighboring building. Once this is done, use your rifle to kill the first shooter. He stands on the ground floor of a partially destroyed building.

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