Vomiting threatens to dehydrate the body


Vomiting can cause dehydration. What to use for vomiting?
Vomiting is the sudden return of the digestive tract from the stomach through the esophagus and mouth. This is an unpleasant malaise, which is usually preceded by nausea, in addition, abdominal pain and fever are also possible. Vomiting is a common symptom of many diseases.
How does vomiting affect the body?
Vomiting causes a significant loss of water and trace elements from the body. This affects the balance of the body system. Dehydration is manifested:
thirst, dry mucous membranes, dry tongue, slowing down skin folding.
Violations of the water-electrolyte balance in the body can occur if the patient has diarrhea and sweating, with the exception of vomiting. Reflexion of severe vomiting can also cause rupture of the intestinal mucosa.
What causes vomiting?
Vomiting may appear as a symptom associated with various diseases. Reasons for vomiting include, but are not limited to:
gastroesophageal reflux disease, food poisoning, diseases of the central nervous system (stroke, head injuries), motion sickness, labyrinth problems, chronic inflammation of the abdominal cavity (peptic ulcer, hepatitis or pancreatitis, urolithiasis, nephritis or appendicitis, Lesniovsky disease), renal and gall colic, myocardial infarction.
Vomiting also occurs in pregnant women, may be associated with stress and have a psychological background (anorexia, bulimia).
What to do if vomiting occurs?
If vomiting is caused by motion sickness or alcohol abuse, it usually passes quickly. If they are associated with the disease, it is better to act.
First of all, it is worth using an appropriate agent that balances the electrolyte balance. Such drugs can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription. They are better than irrigation with pure water only, because it dilutes minerals that can make vomiting worse. However, dairy products can increase nausea and vomiting.
If you look after the patient, it is not enough to put a glass with a drink in front of him. Similarly, you will not achieve this by convincing him to drink all at once. Moisturizing should be done with a teaspoon - one teaspoon every 5 minutes. A hypersensitive stomach will not notice enough substance, so it will not cause a gag reflex.
Caring for the sick.
Vomiting is a symptom of mainly gastrointestinal viral diseases, but may have other causes. A proper psychological approach, providing the patient with quick symptoms and effective hydration, is the key to success for all patients.
What besides water and electrolytes?
Drinking broth, juice, or herbal tea can sometimes help. Once the patient tolerates this type of fluid, you can start eating delicate foods such as barley flakes, semolina or yogurt.
When with vomiting to the doctor?
If hydration is not possible and the patient is dehydrated or vomiting is very intense or does not go away after 1-2 days, consult a doctor immediately. The specialist can prescribe prescription antiemetics (which are used only in exceptional situations) and intravenous hydration, that is, drops that effectively fill the deficiency of water and electrolytes. Very often, girls show a show in an erotic chat. Much more interesting communication in private free sex cams with a girl in a video chat can be conducted through text messages. You can also turn on the webcam and probably the model will want to talk to you in person. To everything there is still alternatives, such as peeping Toms. We have a video chat room on various topics.

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