Рассказы в кино о целинных урожаях


“Generational change is natural, other scales are natural in the work of the new director,” the announcer says, and in the frame there are endless wheat fields of this largest grain farm in the republic, a modern village with beautiful houses and paved streets. The new director of Zhdanovsky speaks of a new task - the stability of high yields and all agricultural products. This is the main line that defines the life of today's farms in Kazakhstan.

How difficult it is to achieve this, we learn from the story of Mikhail Karpov, director of the Moskovsky state farm in the Kustanai region. Livestock breeding is successfully developing here. In accordance with best practices, the entire population has been transferred to year-round fattening in convenient and cheap open areas for several years. And then trouble - frosts of 46 degrees! A severe test for livestock breeders. Thanks to their truly heroic efforts, the wintering was successful, and the delivery weight exceeded 500 kilograms. Perhaps this figure, as well as the figures of grain yields mentioned in the tape, are truly capable of being estimated only by specialists. But the screen, capturing the excited stories of farm managers, allows us to see their faces, feel joys and concerns, notice that all of them - and the chairman of the collective farm “30 years of Kazakhstan” Yakov Germanovich Gering and Nikolai Nikitich Golovatsky from the collective farm “40 years of Kazakhstan” - not only enthusiastic, but also state-minded people who are accustomed to making friends with the main thing in documentary films are what the announcer said. In recent years, many paintings about change have been made. occurring in the vast territories of our country - the construction of unprecedented power plants, rapidly emerging new cities. factories, unique industrial complexes. A powerful diverse reality - and often the same information on it on the screen, contained mainly in off-screen texts. So, in the film “There is the first unit” (East Siberian Newsreel Studio), dedicated to the launch of the unit at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, the announcer names the weight of the generator, notes that the stator, which consists of several tens of thousands of plates, was not mounted in the factory for the first time, but on the spot he speaks of the hard work of the launch headquarters. The paintings “BAM Soldiers” are being built in approximately the same way - about the railway workers involved in the construction of the highway of the century, and the “Eastern Frontier of the Fatherland” (both created at the Far Eastern newsreel studio). The announcer is verbose and hasty and the screen shots are similar to transparencies, static, boring. At the same time, we turn from spectators to listeners. Documentary cinema ceases to be art, the main expressive means of which is plastic frame.

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