Walkthrough Silence: The Whispered World 2 - Chapter One: Join Cyrus


Since Noah cannot climb like Kira the moment before, he needs to push something under a stone wall to facilitate climbing. Go left and click on the head of a large statue. Try pushing him to the right — it won’t work, but Noah will think about Spot and his abilities. Since Spot is now an egg, try breaking it by cracking it on the head of the statue. Return through the thicket to the previous place (lower right corner).

There you can see a small animal called Furball, which sits in a nest (near a stone wall). Try to give him an egg, but Furball will not like this idea. Go left (back to the Worm) and click on the worm, which is inside the hole in the ground. When Furball tries to eat the worm, place the Spot egg in an empty nest.

Click on the caterpillar of the newborn, hover over the Spot and drag and hold the mouse button, moving the cursor down to access the flat shape of the Spot. Use the Flat Spot on the head of the statue to make it crawl under it. Hover over Spot and drag up while pressing the mouse button to activate its pop-up shape. Climb the cliff.

Destroy the bridge

After talking with Kira, when she asks you for help, click on the parts of the bomb. Do this again and press LPM until the circle outline is completely white. (If you have already clicked on the bomb for the first time while holding LPM, while Kira fixes the bomb, you will receive the Handyman achievement). If you say yes when Kira asks you to refuel the bomb, click the bomb and drag to the right (demolition expert achievement). (If you do not decide to refuel the bomb, you will receive the achievement of the pacifist). If you want to know more about the situation in Silence, talk to Kira as many times as she begins to repeat.

The bridge is still here, so grab a ball of noise (on the bridge, Fire in ... unimportant). Click also the flying crab that sits on a small dam. Go down to Spot and then return to the Worm (left). (You can use Spot on the three flowers on the left and the three mushrooms - this must be done to get the achievement). Pull out the wormhole by moving the cursor to the right (Open wide achievement).

When Noah cuts himself, run through the thicket near the waterfall and click on the puddle. (You can show the Spot Fartshroom at the bottom of the screen - this must be done to get the achievement). Then use Spot on the puddle and click Fartshroom. When he grows up, sit on him. (Before jumping into wet down, you can use Flat and Balloon Spot on the mash, which must be done to get the achievement. If you click on the apron ten times to let it go, you will get the Fartjokes achievement!). Climb the cliff and go to Cyrus.

(For completing the first chapter you will receive the achievement of Chapter I). fz-5.com

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