Why there should be love in the family


From this word comes warmth and care, trust and responsibility, generosity and kindness, and sometimes tears and misunderstanding, sorrows and resentments, but all resentments dissolve from only one feeling - LOVE. The family is the most important, integral part of our life. A man is born in a family. Yes, families are different, complete and incomplete, I do not want to say whether they are prosperous or dysfunctional, but unfortunately there is such a concept. Dysfunctional include those families in which certain problems have settled, where family members cannot independently resolve them and create the atmosphere and conditions under which everyone will be comfortable, reliable and joyful. Being born, brought up in a family, a person through it learns the world, the people living in it, the rules and laws that exist in life, the relationship of people with each other, with nature and with himself. And the main teachers are parents, close relatives (aunts and uncles, grandparents, brothers and sisters). Looking at the relationship between family people, a child forms a certain concept, his individual idea of ​​what should be the relationship between people. As we will tell, sometimes we will unconsciously demonstrate our attitude to this or that part of life, this will definitely form the attitude of the child.

 Parents should remember that they are constantly under the "gaze" of the little spies who transfer all the tracked material to their Clean inner world. Growing up, a person goes through many important stages, forming him as a person and the family is always nearby, a person realizes his belonging to it and this gives him a sense of confidence, reliability and security. But sooner or later, the moment will come when a person becomes independent and disconnects from the parental family. As an adult, there is an important need for every person on earth to join another person. The need to create a family with someone close in spirit to you, with whom you want to have joint children, to raise and help to know the world in which he appears. Having his own experience, that is, the model of the family in which the person grew up, he can modify the style of upbringing, remembering at what points he was comfortable as a child or vice versa. Love is the most important of all the most important conditions - a Happy Family! Love does not need to be demonstrated, it can be heard even in silence, in a gentle look, in the arms of loved ones.

Family is LOVE!

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