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Just a couple of weeks ago on the pages of there was a review of a simple by modern standards racing arcade about the Italian championship unknown in wide circles, in which only cars with a V-shaped eight participate. Even “remember” to write my hand does not rise - the article was the other day. Superstars V8 Racing reached our country with a serious delay. And while in the bowels of the "New Disk"it was translated into the native language, the developers piled a new series. The characters are the same, only the season is already fresh - 2010. It is just beginning, and we can already test it. In the original, there were certain problems with the graphic component (the clumsy sky made the game “cheaper”), and with motivation. And what have they prepared for us, have they really worked on the bugs?

The first thing you notice even before the races is that the “Superstars V8 license” system has been redesigned. In the last part, it made sense with Gulkin’s nose. Passed her player or not - no difference. On the whole, the tests for admission to the championship are not affected at all. And in a plain menu they do not stand out. In the Next Challenge, everything was completely redone. The bottom line is: a driving school is a set of competitions that should give you practical skills for a real tournament. They just hung the ruffles from above - there are four types of awards for trials, what we get at the end of the training depends on the assessment. To open complex competitions (an academy already, not even a school), you need to pass exams on unpretentious tracks. And coverage of different situations in the Next Challengeit's better. We drive in the rain, and go into sharp turns for a while, and try to defeat a dozen rivals, and even on a shattered machine we overtake a healthy opponent. In some exams, the player is put in a really tight framework. For example, the last test of the rider’s school is a wet road, a manual gearbox, rain, disabled help systems and an even significant handicap of the enemy. Like its predecessor, the Superstars V8 Next Challenge is an arcade game, but it does not meritoriously bend to primitiveness.

When the training comes to an end, the first gifts will be given to the happy graduate. Remember, I said that there used to be serious problems with motivation? Now they have partially decided - in the Next Challenge to the navel of various achievements and goodies for them. Moreover, all this is implemented very elegantly. Each rider has his own room - an office. We win tournaments - grab cups for it. The licenses obtained at school are carefully hung on the walls. We play a lot - we get a large LCD-TV, set-top box, cool speakers, a plastic dinosaur and much more.

Not anyhow what kind of incentive, of course, but it is a step in the right direction. Instead of blunt winding circles, you can get something "real". In ring races, reflecting the real championship, in which there is no place even for the simplest economic model, and simple achievements are already almost manna. Play the best friv games this website.

Next Challenge has noticeably risen in price compared to its predecessor. This is felt immediately - a general style has appeared; it can be seen that the menu was drawn by a professional artist; effects and animated icons combine well with the overall color scheme.

Prettier and cars. True, they used to look pretty good before, but there was something so strange about them. It’s like some kind of blur, as if cars are shy of their own appearance. In the Next Challenge, they not only gained real names (there are more of them), but also show off with refined, detailed details. It’s just nice to look at them, although you understand that in the same Dirt steel horses will be more beautiful.

The tuning system has slightly changed. She remained the same, in fact, primitive, but at the same time she “picked up”. Who does not want to understand and poke around in the settings - please, the set of presets is as clear and simple as possible. Moreover, the matter is not limited to the banal choice of “speed or acceleration”, there are sets for rain, for qualification, and for routes with different configurations of turns and straight lines.

Actually, on the track itself, I already want to approvely shake the hand of developers. The guys got down to business with a full understanding of what the game needs. And the view from the cockpit was needed for complete happiness. Remember how they swore NFS (in particular Underground ) for the complete and total absence of this pleasant and immersive camera mode? The difference was especially noticeable after the delicious Porsche Unleashed , which was almost like a simulator - so realistic and cool that I did not want to leave it. And all because of what? The illusion of authenticity. Next challengeIt does not pretend to laurels of hardcore simulators and does not claim that everything is fair, but with a view from behind the wheel into this world of fabulous physics and surprisingly tenacious tires it is easier to believe.

The same absolutely magical feeling when you squeeze the pedal to the floor, you pick up three hundred kilometers per hour, and then with the wild overloads you brake ten meters before the sharpest turn. In a serious simulator, the car flies out of the way and self-spreads on the concrete of the chipper. Here - miraculously throws off speed without splashing out the driver’s brain through the eyes on the windshield.

All the pluses of control from the last part are carefully transferred to the new game. Cars are also pleasantly responsive to steering turns (both keyboard and real), bumps and collisions do not put an end to the race, but they don’t pass just like that - cars fall apart, “combat” qualities are lost. Evolution, however, was here too - the fireballs became a little "older" or something. Now you can’t jump out onto the lawn, give gas and immediately overtake a dozen people. The wild maneuvers of the desperate veterans of Need For Speed ​​2 and 3 in the Next Challenge do not happen - the arcade has acquired a barely noticeable touch of realism, which does not turn the whole action into an idiotic farce.

I’m looking at the Superstars V8 Next Challenge - and the soul rejoices, by golly. It can be seen that the project is middle class and without flair, but with what care everything has been done. The graphics are modern, without shameful mistakes, covered with shader blur. Cars - everything is completely real and executed "perfectly". Their racing qualities I have already sung in the last paragraph. There are a dozen tracks, and all of them are reliable and not “corn” (when they make one track in mirror reflection and backwards, and then give it out immediately for four different ones). All this does not slow down, does not crash, and the sky was also repaired - now it does not catch the eye with deformities. I’m looking at the Superstars V8 Next Challenge and I want to wish our developers to continue their work with the same zeal. The creators of Clear Skyhiccup in this place together.

Pros: nice graphics; dynamic management; arcade lightness, but not primitive; complete glitchiness; relatively low requirements for iron.
Cons: initially middle class; inherent in ring racing limited fascination.

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