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For the career-changing candidate, a cover letter for career change is a must-have tool. It's a chance to explain to the recruiter why you're applying for a job whose requirements your resume doesn't fully meet, and why you're confident you can do better than the average rookie.

Bring to the forefront important information for the new role - additional education in the new profile, a strong theoretical base, at least occasional experience if you have it (for example, an internship or the implementation of individual projects on a freelance basis).

And be sure to explain why you were so attracted to the new field that you decided to move into it, specifically this company and this position. This is not an empty formality: all employers want to get a truly motivated employee with "burning eyes. Newcomers who move into a new profession are usually enthusiastic - it's their competitive advantage. But there's an important nuance: it's important that your enthusiasm is built on realistic expectations of the new profession, not illusory ideas about it.

An example of a cover letter for career change

"Hello! I am very interested in your position as an event manager. I think that my experience will allow me to cope well with your tasks:

  • I am great at organizing people and processes. Managed the full cycle of complex projects with the number of participants involved (performers) of 50 people. I have implemented more than 20 such projects.
  • I have successful experience in preparing and carrying out various private and corporate events. This includes complex locations and venues (see details in my resume). At that time I was engaged in this area by the side, as part of other professional activities, but it was then that I became very interested in the event-industry and decided to fully switch to it.
  • I took additional training based on the training center N in the direction of "Comprehensive training of an event-manager.
  • Work effectively in a mode of high load and multitasking (my previous experience included the simultaneous work on more than five complex projects).
  • Fluent in English.
  • Excellent at getting along with people, and able to quickly build new contacts.
  • Ready for frequent business trips and irregular working hours.
  • I like creative approach in everything. I have a strong creative component (my hobby in my free time is participation in a music band).

What attracted me to the event industry and your company:

When first faced with event organization, I became convinced that it is like launching a separate business project with a huge number of very diverse nuances, which should be debugged and put into a single clear mechanism. I am very inspired by the process of thinking through the concept and "practical assembly" of a good event, control over all its stages. It's always a drive, always something new, and I love nonroutine work in drive mode. It gives me energy - I'm the kind of person who is not afraid of difficulties, but is inspired by them.

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