The movie began with the Kamchatka Leaf


The Kamchatka Leaflet is the very first periodical in Kamchatka. Here are extracts from a notebook.

Kamchatka Leaf; February 5, 1917 Announcement, Electrotheatre. In a short time, a beautiful picture of DRAMA "ANANA" in 3 departments will be demonstrated. Details in the Flying. "

And here is a quote from the report of the Kamchatka okrono for 1927-1928.

“The work in the huts-reading rooms is carried out by district workers - local activists from literate young animals. Of the forms of mass work, the most common are staging performances of evening performances and arranging ceremonial meetings on the occasion of annual holidays.

In areas with film shifts, film screenings are arranged. During the reporting period, 80 film screenings were delivered in 3 districts, and in the Karaginsky district there were 2 exits with movie transfer in the villages ... For the first time this year, villages along the Kamchatka river valley were also served with films ... "

1934 year. The first cinema Polyarnaya Zvezda ”was opened in Petropavlovsk with 244 seats. It was housed in a small wooden building.

1937 year. A lightweight sound hospital is installed in the club of the ship repair plant. Sound films will be systematically shown.

1966 year. Kamchatka is a region of continuous cinema. The area has 400 movie installations. Each resident visits the cinema 44 times a year. This is the highest attendance in the country.

Today movie posters on the streets of Petropavlovsk announce the same premiere films as in Moscow: “Crew”, “Pirates of the 20th Century”, “A Few Days from the Life of I. I. Oblomov”. The same films are the leaders and favorites of film distribution. And only the names of some cinemas - “Geyser”, “Ocean”, “Kamchatka” - remind us of where we are. This is also reminded of by a whole flotilla of “floating cinemas” (there are more than 400 of them!) On fishing vessels of the Kamchatka fleet. In the regional committee of the CPSU, we were told that at the initiative of the Komsomol, one of the large fishing trawlers is being converted into a propaganda vessel with a cinema hall, a library, offices and a gym. “They like movies in the sea,” says V. A. Biryukov, chairman of the Kamchatka Oblast Executive Committee. - Trap set, went to the cinema in the evening. We don’t think that we would go to sea without films. ”

“Going on a flight,” the fishermen told us at Slavyanskoye, “we take 40 films from the coast and change with other vessels at sea.” Films here are very necessary even if they are two or three years old - they give a discharge, raise the tone. ”

Statistics also speaks of the "Kamchatka specificity". Here, the highest loading in the RSFSR, adult and children's sessions. The highest attendance. The five-year plan distributors successfully carry out. They have achievements. There are both problems and difficulties. A. Slepukhin talks about them in an interview. I want to say a few words about the Kamchatka audience, which we met at many premieres. First of all, there is nothing “peripheral” in him; he is well aware of the names, news, and problems of Soviet cinema. And it is distinguished, perhaps, by increased friendliness, interest, and a willingness to respond to every kind call of the cinema screen.

* * *

On the day of departure, the regional committee of the CPSU, which did so much for the successful organization of our trip, held a final conversation, a debriefing.

We are returning to Moscow, leaving many friends in Kamchatka.

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