How to create optimal conditions for conception


The process of conceiving a child is a truly magical process between two adults who realize their actions. To normally bear a child, a woman must reach physical maturity. In the process of maturation, a woman begins a monthly menstrual cycle. In the reproductive organs, women begin to mature eggs. Each month, one egg comes out, ready for fertilization. If the egg has not been fertilized, it leaves the body after a certain period of time. This cycle is repeated every month until the woman becomes pregnant. When a person reaches puberty, his body begins to produce sperm, which is a necessary ingredient for the fertilization of a female egg. There are some conditions that must be met in order for the sperm to fertilize the female egg, as a result of which the baby will be born.
1. Of crucial importance is the choice of the right moment during which fertilization is possible. This should happen during ovulation, that is, when the female egg has matured for fertilization. As a rule, this happens 14 days before the start of the next menstruation, however, this period is individual and may vary among different women. 2. A man must enter his reproductive organ into the birth canal of a woman. After the so-called orgasm in a man, sperm is released inside the female body. 3. The sperm floats and moves along the cervix of the woman and enters the reproductive organ, where she will try to fertilize the egg. If the egg has matured, one of the many sperm will penetrate the egg and fertilize it. The remaining sperm will die. If the egg is not there, or it is not ready yet, the sperm will not be able to make contact and will simply die. 4. In the event that fertilization has occurred, the fetus will develop in the female uterus for approximately forty weeks or so. All this, of course, in the absence of complications or premature rejection of the fetus (miscarriage). 5. When the baby is ready for birth, the walls of the cervix will become thinner and the mucous plug will move away (this substance helps to keep the baby inside). The waters will drain and labor pains will begin. Events can occur in a different order. After a few hours, or maybe a day, the child will begin to move along the birth canal and be born. Ribbon mixers, Sigma mixers, Homogenizers, Shear pumps, Plow mixers, Paddle mixers, Liquefiers, Vacuum mixers, Deaerators, Lab mixers, Drum mixers, High shear mixers, PERMIX MIXERS, BLENDERS, PROCESSING TANKS, & MORE FOR THE PHARMACEUTICAL, FOOD, NUTRACEUTICAL, & CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Buy Ribbon mixers, Buy Sigma mixers, Buy Homogenizers, Buy Shear pumps, Buy Plow mixers, Buy Paddle mixers, Buy Liquefiers, Buy Vacuum mixers, Buy Deaerators, Buy Lab mixers, Buy Drum mixers, Buy High shear mixers,

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