How to properly shape a child’s personality


It is necessary to form the personality of the child even from the diaper. In a family, a child learns behavior and evaluates his actions. Personality is the perception by others of human behavior and actions. It is from the family that the child takes all the most important for his further development. The family teaches how to behave in a particular environment. The child is all on the fly, so the formation of the child as an individual will depend on family behavior.

The first task for responsible parents is to form their own “I” in the child. This "I" should be self-confident, belonging to society, and not just to myself. Forming such a personality is quite interesting for both parents and the baby. Such a personality education is best done in a playful way so as not to injure the child’s subtle psyche.

Parents need to learn that the child cannot and will not perceive information in two ways. It is necessary to clearly explain to the child what you want from him. Otherwise, the baby may develop a conflict of concepts that parents should not be allowed to categorically.

Praise your child as often as possible. Even if he doesn’t succeed. Thus, the parents will cause a child a sense of pride. So the little child will understand that if he reaches a goal, he will receive approval and praise from his adored parents. He himself will begin to be proud of himself, and then pride will grow into self-esteem.

It is impossible to praise a child with the help of various sweets and toys. So you will bring up greed in the child and then the child will achieve his goal by any means, which at an older age will cause certain problems for the child and his parents. Praise your child with kind and gentle words. So the child will grow up kind, smart and conscientious.

Parents should not say such words to the child: “you are bad, get away from me”, or “I don’t love you because you don’t listen to me”, so the child may become isolated and be afraid of his parents.

If the child has done something, try not to tear anger on him, but rather scold the thing that turned out to be the cause of the disaster.

How can parents understand that a child is behaving and recognizing himself as a person? There are several factors that parents can help evaluate their baby:

1). The baby must use personal pronouns consciously.
2). The child distinguishes between good and bad. The kid can sacrifice his personal thing for the benefit of others.
3). The child has learned to control himself.
4). A child can tell about his qualities (character, appearance).
5). The child can clearly talk about the problems that concern him.

From the above, it becomes clear that the child is formed as a person by about two years of age. But parents need to understand that each child is individual, and for some, a personality is formed earlier, and for someone later.

Raising a child is a complex and interesting process, both for parents and their little child. And how the parents will relate to this process, and it will depend on what kind of person the child will grow up in the future. The child will expect quite a lot of difficulties. Parents should always be around and guide the baby on the right path.

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