Does More Money Mean More Instagram Followers In 2020?


Does More Money Mean More Instagram Followers In 2020?

In the marketing sector, things have changed a lot. In 2020, it’s not just limited to offline sources such as newspapers, hoardings, etc. Marketing is done mainly through online sources and platforms. Social media platforms are very famous for marketing stuff. Platforms such as Instagram, are the real players of the game. And if you have been a part of them for quite a while, then you may have realized that the whole functioning depends on the number of followers you have.

Just because of that, people buy Instagram followers. But then there are a lot of myths connected to it, such as more money means more followers, at least in 2020, this is not true.

The Truth

As it turns out, in previous times people used to believe this myth. For them, literally more money meant a greater number of followers. But then we moved ahead with time, and as all of us know, change is inevitable. New sellers came up and they brought their own services. As people started buying those services, they found that they weren’t completely reliable. There were faults in those services. Old and reliable services like Krootez are still in business as well, you can find one here Apart from those new services, even Instagram grew aware of all these practices and therefore it started strengthening itself. And therefore, all those old practices of buying fake followers for making one’s account attractive got punished.

Nowadays, more money doesn’t really mean more followers. Instead, it’s the quality that matters.

Even if you are getting fewer followers at a higher price, when compared to some other seller’s package which offers something more enticing, then that doesn’t really mean that it will favor you. It’s likely that the offer with more followers and a less price delivers fake followers or even bots. You may not realize this, and later on, all your hard work and money will go into the drain, as Instagram will the matter seriously. Some actions will be taken against you and your account, which will hurt your progress. Therefore, the old days are gone and it’s all about the new days. However, if you want to buy Instagram followers then finding the right seller will never be a problem for you.

Instagram followers are required by all those people who look forward to growing and expanding their business. If you are new to the industry and looking to widen your reach in the outside world, then Instagram followers can help you in your way. They create a positive impact on your followers and they also allow them to trust your content as well as page, before anyone else’s.

Basically, if we look at the competition, then it is not really about any other thing, but gaining more followers and support from the audience. That’s the reason why people look forward to buying followers.


In conclusion, whether you buy followers or not, remains your choice. But if you do, then you have to make sure that you are not getting tricked, because more money doesn’t mean more Instagram followers.

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