Conclusion for college research paper


Draw a line under all the previously stated material, indicate whether you reached you goals or not. Do not include new ideas or arguments in this section. Also, there should be no quotes in a conclusion - only your analytical judgments. Place an emphasis on a relevance, novelty of a topic and practical application of results once more.

Works cited page

It is one of the most important parts of any academic paper which justifies a research reliability. A student refers to it in the main part to substantiate their arguments. Formatting requirements may differ. APA and MLA are the most popular formats. Also, some educational institutions introduce their own rules. So consult your teacher before compiling a works cited page.

Sometimes, a list with sources used is divided into several sections, for example: scientific literature, textbooks, legal acts, artistic sources, publications from the Internet, etc. Items are arranged in an alphabetical order by an author’s name. In addition, each item includes a source title, a publishing house and release time.

Not only printed sources may be included in a works cited page but also any films and documentary programs that contributed to writing a college research paper.


This section contains all voluminous materials supplementing a text and proving your arguments if it is impractical to present them in the main part. These may be:

  • Long questionnaires.
  • Excerpts from legal acts.
  • Memo, recommendations and more.

Appendices are provided after a works cited page. If there are several elements, they should be presented as "Appendix 1", "Appendix 2" and so on. Each appendix starts with a separate sheet.

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Adhering to formatting rules is half the battle. These norms may seem way too strict, boring and formal but, in fact, they are designed to help a student make their text convincing, neat and reader-friendly. They will come in handy when writing dissertations, term papers and performing other academic assignments.

Of course, the above note-taking instructions are used by far not all students. But remember that they simplify comprehensive processing of a material, help to sort out information on a chosen topic, distinguish details that may be not noticed during a superficial study of literature. Careless attitude towards writing a scientific text may cause serious difficulties in its defense and force you to seek help from a paper writing service.

Therefore, it can be said that the right topic choice, prudent time management, adherence to all the principles of scientific work will facilitate a process of an assignment preparation. At the same time, diligence and responsibility will help you achieve high marks, become a full-fledged researcher and make serious progress on an educational path. So do not treat homework as a boring duty. Rejoice on all your discoveries and achievements.

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