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Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Adesso EasyTouch™ 630RB Smart Card & Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboard features a 104-key keyboard layout with a built-in Smart Card Reader (SCR) for identification systems, secure web applications, and secure login, as well as a Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) for secure Credit Cards.This is the perfect Point of Sale Keyboard with security and multi-functional abilities. This full-sized keyboard is perfect for any desktop, kiosk, office, or warehouse, while the built-in multi-functional hotkeys allow quick access to your multimedia controls and Internet browser commands. The Membrane Key Switches provide long lasting and durable action, smooth to the typists touch, and do not attract as much dust and grime as other keyboard switches. With all these amazing features, Adesso EasyTouch™ 630 Smart Card & Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboard is the ultimate all-purpose full-sized keyboard for business, security, and retail.

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