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Xtream S3 gets a positive review from !



Wednesday, April, 2, 2009

Xtream S3 (Bluetooth 3.0 iPad Tablet Speaker/Stand) got a positive review from

The construction of the Xtream S3 is very solid...great for listening to music around the house or giving you a bit of extra volume while streaming your favorite TV shows. -- John Sly, Reviewer

Here’s an excerpt:

More and more, it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing the word Bluetooth plastered up everywhere. From headsets to cars, it’s pretty much everywhere, but honestly, that’s because of the convenience and simplicity it offers. The most frequently sought after Bluetooth technology that we see growing non-stop are speakers. Today we’ll be looking at one set of Bluetooth speakers, with a bit of added functionality, the Xtream S3 from Adesso...

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