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Adesso's New Touchpad keyboard released

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Adesso’s New Touchpad keyboard released by Arjun

Adesso released new touchpad keyboard. Its really slim and wireless. Its another special feature is that Its location to the far right of the keyboard resembles the normal step of leaving the key rows to reach for a mouse. Its almost like the keypad of a laptop. The interesting thing is that it has two mouse buttons on the far left side of the keyboard. It has a curved key rows. so while moving from computer to computer, adjusting to Adesso’s wireless keyboard is a little bit difficult than using a multiple keyboards.

The greatest problem faced by this keyboard is that it has no numerical keypad. This may be due to the touchpad and indication lights and other options (6 hot function buttons) on the right side. But this is not a big problem because usually in small laptops, there is a lack of number pads. It has function keys for internet and multimedia tasks. But it has some absence of keys which are not much used like sleep key.

It has a lot of good features. It has a very long life of a battery. This contains 86 keys which is powered by just two AA batteries. Also it has a set of audio and video control buttons on the left edge of the keyboard. It is powered by 2.4 GHz Wireless RF Technology so that it could covers up to 100 feet from the USB receiver. It is a Linux compatible and it is plug-and-play for both Windows and Linux.

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