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The solid EasyTouch 635 brings weight to the gaming experience with essential features.

 Adesso® Launches EasyTouch 635 – Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The solid EasyTouch 635 brings weight to the gaming experience with essential features.

Walnut, Calif. – February 3, 2015 – Adesso Inc., a leading manufacturer of computer input peripherals, has unveiled the EasyTouch™ 635, the Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.  Also known as AKB-635UB, this sleek and sturdy mechanical keyboard with gamer-specific features bring much needed weight to any gamer’s arsenal.


Built to last up to fifty million keystrokes, AKB-635UB mechanical key switches provide instant tactile and audible response in typing that improves accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.  The N-Key Rollover function permits up to 6 keys to be pressed as the same time, making it a great advantage for gamers and fast typists.  One of the new features is the shortcut to disable the Windows Key, preventing the application screen from being minimized when it is hit accidentally during gaming.


Weighing at a hefty 2.7 pounds, EasyTouch™ 635’s minimalistic, sturdy design is built to last, while the solid, box-like structure and the reduction of non-essential space in the layout make it easy to fit within cramped areas.  Under the keyboard, the USB cable can also be re-directed safely to the top, left, or right of the keyboard, preventing fraying or loosening of wires from constant bumps. Finally, AKB-635UB’s built-in Hotkeys provide quick access to Media Player controls, such as Volume Control, Track Navigation, Stop, Play, Mute, and Pause.


At the MSRP of $99.99, EasyTouch™ 635 is available for purchase at major retailers and e-retailers.


·          Key Layout: 104-Key US Layout

·          Key Type: Mechanical Switch Technology

·          Indicators: Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, & Winkey Lock

·          Multimedia Hotkeys: 8 (Volume Up, Volume Down, Play/Pause, Stop, Previous Track, Next Track, Mute, Windows Key Lock)

·          Operating System: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, & XP

·          Dimensions: 17.3” x 5.3” x 1.5" (440 x 135 x 38 mm)

·          Weight: 2.7 lbs




·          The EasyTouch™ 635 has Mechanical Key Switches, bringing instant tactile and audible response in typing that improves accuracy, productivity, and efficiency up to 50 million keystrokes.

·          The EasyTouch™ 635’s N-Key Rollover function allows up to 6 keys to be pressed at the same time, ensuring each key is hit with precision, making it great for gamers and fast typists.

·          The EasyTouch™ 635 Windows Key Lock lets you temporary disable the Windows Key during gaming, making sure the screen doesn’t get minimized in the middle of a game.

·          The EasyTouch™ 635’s adjustable USB Cable lets you reroute the cable to the front or the either side of the keyboard, saving desktop space while preventing it from fraying due to constant bumping or movement.


This product and other Adesso products can be purchased at major retail stores including Micro Center, Fry’s, Staples, BestBuy, and CompUSA, as well as online at Amazon,, CDW, MacMall, Newegg, and Tiger Direct.  They are also available at Adesso’s own online store at

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Founded in 1994, Adesso has since become a manufacturing pioneer in a wide variety of computer input peripherals, including Keyboards, Audio/Video Devices, Handwriting Input Devices, and iPad/PC Tablet Accessories.  Committed to providing customers with the most cutting-edge technology and service, Adesso has developed more than 20 worldwide patents in the U.S.A., Taiwan, and China. Retailers and e-retailers that carry Adesso products include Micro Center, Fry’s, Staples, CompUSA, Amazon, Best Buy,, CDW, MacMall, Newegg, Tiger Direct, and many others.  Adesso’s distributors include Ingram Micro, Synnex, ASI, and D&H.



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